My way to wealth

What is wealth for you?

What is the most valuable thing you think you have?

OK, take your time to answer these questions and internalize the answers …………….


If to the question “What is wealth for you?” you thought “having a lot of money” I can undestud that you don’t feel rich, because rich people don’t think that way!

If at the question “What is the most precious thing you have?” you answered “my family” or worse “my car” I can tell you that astray. There is a limited asset, once lost irrecoverable, that we all have but often take for granted. If we did not have the TIME to enjoy our family, our home and all the good things in life, we could be millionaires but still live an empty and poor life.

I too have had the wrong focus for the majority of my life.
I focused on ways to make more money by doing overtime or double jobs. In this way, however, I did nothing but sell off my precious time in exchange for what today I would call crumbs.

Point of view change

The change didn’t happen at a precise moment but, more than anything else, it was a long awareness that led me to shift my attention from “how to have more money” to “how to have more time”.

It may seem like a small and silly thing but I can assure you that this drastically changes your choices and consequently your quality of life.

Usually, as an employee, I exchange my time for money, obtaining it in proportion to my abilities. If I want to get more “wealth” I have to sell more time, it is a pity that my time is limited and if I sell it all, as we said before, I cannot enjoy my family, my possessions and all that is beautiful in life; On the other hand, you understand well that if I stop selling my time, the money I need to live stops coming. If you were in this condition would you feel free?
Free to use your time as you wish?
I do not believe it! This, as others before me have called it, is 21st-century slavery.

And how do we get out of this trap?

Let’s take a simple agricultural example; To water my garden I can proceed with two mentalities:

1. As a worker: I spend my time filling the watering can and bringing it to the earth every day.

2. As an entrepreneur: I invest my time building an irrigation system. Initially it will cost me resources and effort, but later it will do the job for me.

We can easily understand that if instead of selling, I INVEST my time in developing projects or anything else that will bring me profits and benefits over time, the situation will change drastically.
In the long run, by reiterating this entrepreneurial approach to life, I will no longer obtain a linear trend but rather an exponential trend in my resources.

The more resources I have, the more I can freely decide how to dispose of my time and this will be the real wealth.

Feel free to think.

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