R&D mission

We work together to make your best ideas a reality

As I began

Since I entered the business world I have always had the desire to develop my own business, and now, I hope to help others make their ideas a reality.
Almost immediately I realized that many small and medium-sized businesses needed not only a technical figure but a real foreman to refer to for all the complex steps that lead the idea to become a product.
Initially it was hard, because I did not have the experience and, above all, I had not yet built the network of highly specialized professionals that I can use today.
When we say “unity is strength”

What I do

My business is mainly, but not limited to, the world of electronics.
When an idea is submitted to me, to avoid having the customer undertake a costly design activity, I perform a quick feasibility analysis, and then move on to the identification of the key elements of the project and an identification, in broad terms, of the finished product costs.

At the end of this preliminary phase, the client will know if his idea is feasible and at what price.
With this information it will be possible to understand more objectively whether it is worth moving forward or not. If the customer decides to continue, a more or less articulated path is triggered that depends very much on the project, which in its most simplified form appears as follows.

Once the objective of the working prototype has been reached with which to give the customers a concrete idea of the finished product, the delicate and extremely important phase begins, the validation of the product by the target customers.

With these findings we will continue in the refinement of the product, both from a technical and functional point of view, repeating the previous process as long as necessary.


Not all the ideas submitted will be accepted but if we decide to collaborate together you will certainly not be disappointed!

If you are really interested in this opportunity, collect your best ideas and contact me.